There you all the way


In June 13th, 2017, Beijing soonercleaning organizes a team building this summer at Beijing Fangshan District. In here, thanks for all the executive staff specially to make the event successfully.

Although it started to rain heavily on first day morning, it did not extinguish the enthusiasm of us, and the air in Shidu was especially fresh after the rain. Took a breath and all the troubles were left behind immediately. Then in the afternoon, we launched a fierce battle of drifting, and everyone equipped with a "water gun". The team was mainly divided into boys and girls, boys were used the plan of interceptor combat, the girls adopted two kinds of tactics: run or fight. Everyone was wet all over like a drowned rat - a happy one!

The evening all people sat around the table, enjoying the sunset and talking about the vicissitudes of life. Next, there was a barbecue grill with delicious food, it was wonderful to enjoy both barbecue and wine! On the second day, the warm sun awakened everyone and aroused new vitality. We climbed over the mountains and stepped onto the glass skywalk, and drift down from the mountain. The rushing water was like the surging heart of everyone, tired but happy. Then there are more exciting activities: bamboo rafts, yacht, karts, beach moto, real CS......

Well three days flying happily, we not only released the pressure at work, but also build friendly relationship in the activities, which is the significance of this team building. It's time for us to fight, we need to adjust the attitude, and ready for more challenges at work.