Face mask sheet wave by a TV show


Recently a popular TV series "Ode to joy" almost swept over the whole nation, the show is about five girls with different personalities live in Shanghai. Beauty is the nature of every girl, they occasionally revealed their beautiful experiences in this play. Here I will focus on several face mask sheet mentioned.

1. Printed face mask sheet materials

This mask sheet appears in the "Ode to joy-1" , the girls on 22th floor talk about dreams while using facial mask sheet: Fan Shengmei’s mask is a large black beard shape, the most funny mask is the two black eyebrows of yingying, guanguan’s mask is very cute - pink eyes and cheeks.

Beijing Soonercleaning Technology Co., Ltd. research and explore our own printed face mask sheet for a long time, and finally successed. This mask sheet adopts the international advanced technology and environmental protection materials - no stimulation, no harm to human skin, and its color is accurate and fastness, smooth and clear. This mask is not only moisturizing, but also creating a good mood from different patterns.

2. Pure nature cotton face mask sheet materials

This mask appeared in "Ode to joy-2", Jiang Xin who play a role of Fan Shengmei is a beauty, She always can raise a fashion storm. The one she used in the play is the medium thickness pure nature cotton mask.

Beijing Soonercleaning also provide this kind of mask - commery® pure nature cotton mask uses 100% natural high-quality cotton, mild and moisturizing. On the other hand, with a certain thickness of the mask can carry enough essence, and its thickness also increases the pressure, it can directly "pressure" essence into the skin. But, one thing to tell you is that its feeling is soft and comfortable rather than heavy, and it can let your skin breathe freely.