Do you really know how to choose the right baby wipes?


Mothers often worry about baby allergies, especially after buying new diapers, when the baby shows a red butt, mothers immediately conclude that these diapers must be fakes, and demand for returns strongly. But the red butt may not be caused by diapers, but the wet tissues. Now, let's take a look at the things you should pay attention to when choosing baby wipes.

Problem 1: It is good wet tissues with a large amount of liquid

Wet tissue with a large amount of liquid can remove impurities better, and eliminating the tedious process of cleaning with clean water.

According to the standard of wet wipes, products that contain excessive amounts of liquid are defective!

Excessive liquid can easily breed bacteria, and less liquid has a bad effect on cleaning. A good wet tissue should has a moderate humidity, and liquit of each slice is suitable for use at one time.

There is a famous wet wipes production line in Japan, The final line of the assembly line is an electronic scale, and all the packaged product must be unified weighing, regarding these products which are less than 10 g or more than 30 g as defective goods, only the wet wipes with reasonable weighing can be packing sealing.

Problem 2: More thicker more better

The thick wet tissue is not easily to rip, and it can be used many times, which also can absorb more liquid.

There is no relationship between thickness and pulling property, but the material is the key factors that if it can be torn off easily or not. Baby's skin is very sensitive, and too thick and hard wet tissue may cause skin damage and irritation. Moderate thickness and soft baby wipes can be a good choice.

Problem 3: There is no differences among these wet tissues, why not pick one casually?

The wet tissue with "baby" looks same as the normal one, But the price is very different, baby wipes is more expensive, swindling!

In fact, adult wipes and baby wipes are very different in the production process, especially the liquid standard. And the requirements of baby wipes are much higher. In addition, adult wipes usually have a lot of fragrance, while baby wipes are basically odorless or light incense. A large amount of essence will stimulate the baby's skin.

Problem 4: Good wet tissue must be pure natural and without any chemistry

On the network, there are some articles that told you not to choose those wet tissue with preservative or chemicals. Although only a few mothers look carefully at the ingredients when they are choosing wet tissue, after noting the chemical ingredient, they throw them aside immediately.

The identification of domestic brands is simple or not complete, even the big brands. Some small brands have no specific ingredients, only marked nonwovens and pure water. On the contrary, the products of Japan and South Korea are carefully labeled, and almost all the ingredients used are clearly identified, and most of them we have never heard.

So-called preservative-free wipes are stunts and never existed!

From the manufacturing process, the wet wipes can immediately breed a lot of bacteria without preservatives and can not be used at all.

The most commonly preservative is propylene glycol, which is safe as long as it is in standard range. Some high-end products will replace propylene glycol with butanediol, because the sensitivity of butanediol is lower. In the same way, benzoic acid and benzalkonium chloride can be safe in standard range, too. Pay attention that the toilet wipes can not to be used in the mouth or hands.

Problem 5: Ignore pH value when choosing baby wipes

Putting the wet tissue with "baby wipes" into shopping cart, no matter what PH value the wipe is.

The pH value of the newborn is about 6.5. After six months, it decreases to about 6.0, and after one and a half years old, the baby's pH value is 5.5, nearly same as adult, which is weakly acid.

According to the national standard GBT27728-2011, the PH value between 3.5 to 8.5 is eligible for body wipes. Obviously, the closer you get to the PH of your skin, the less irritating the baby will be and the more comfortable it will be.