Essential household wipes


1. Kitchen wipes

There's always a lot of oil in the kitchen, just like the juice of the soup spilled out of the pot, the water stains of fruit and vegetable, the grease of the fried food, the moisture on the pot... The kitchen is always oily and waiting for you to clean.

Do you still use the traditional cloth washing the dishes? Which is stained with oil easily, mixed with scraps, and hard to wash, besides, it's easy to breed a large number of bacteria, and has peculiar smell after long-term use. In short, it seriously affects the sanitation and cost more.

Try soonerclean ® antibacterial wipes, help you to solve all the troubles: high-quality spunlace non-woven material - smooth, thick, soft, lint-free, no oil and no fade. soonerclean ® antibacterial wipes is easy to absorb oil and decontaminate, clean and convenient! Different colors can be used as a distinction to avoid cross propagation of bacteria.

2. Floor wipes

Traditional mop wipes already cannot satisfy the needs of the masses, soonerclean ® floor wipes can solve this problem. It adopts special electrostatic antibacterial treatment, which increases the effect of dust removal and bacteriostatic, both sides can be used, it is better than general mops for house cleaning. It does not hurt the surface of floor, especially suits for wooden floor, ceramic tile, marble, etc, and it can remove the dust and spider webs in the ceiling effectively.