Prevent the fire from now on - fire training


In order to further strengthen the fire safety consciousness and knowledge of staff, on the morning of July 10th, Teacher wang from Beijing municipal fire prevention and control center conducted fire safety training lectures in our office.

First of all, Mr. Wang explained the basic fire safety system for everyone, and introduced the relevant laws and regulations briefly, forming the basic concept of fire control. Then Mr. Wang combining recent fire cases with gruesome pictures and thought-provoking videos, explained the fire safety knowledge vividly. Sometimes there came out amazing voices, and all staff took out pen and papers to write down the key notes, from here we can see that all of us think highly of this lecture. At last, Mr. Wang introduced the use of fire control facilities and fire extinguishers, which made us have a more intuitive understanding.

"The enterprise benefit is important, while fire safety is more important." Although the building has perfect fire control system, we still need to pay attention to the safe use of electricity, especially there are lots of non woven fabric in our office, going out without electricity. The lecture improved our fire safety consciousness well, the importance of fire safety education for employees is also a commitment to social responsibility.