2017 China international non-woven material exhibition and high-end BBS Hailed a success in Shanghai


As an indispensable new material, nonwovens are famous for their fastest growth speed and the most active innovation ability. Nowadays, nonwovens industry globalization is speeding up, China has become the biggest nonwoven producers, traders and consumers around the world.

In order to promote the development of nonwovens industry smoothly, China international trade promotion commission textile industry branch, China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, American nonwoven Association, Frankfurt exhibition (Hong Kong) Co., LTD. Jointly hosted the "2017 China international exhibition of nonwoven materials and high-end BBS" (2017CINE) on June 21th to 23th in Shanghai mart.

The exhibition scope of 2017CINE covered non-woven materials and products, special equipment and accessories. The goods hit all exhibitors not only the world's leading nonwoven rolls and medical and health materials, also contained all kinds of nonwoven production line of professional equipment, such as function and finishing equipment, testing, quality control devices, and etc., of course nonwovens of special polymers and fibers were on show, attracting more customers.

In general, the 13th Five-Year Plan is a key stage for China non-woven products. the demand of medical and health care, structure enhancement, safety protection and other high-end in America, Europe, Japan and other developed countries and regions, and the development of the domestic market, both will provide a broad space for nonwovens enterprises of our country.