Automatic Blanket Wash Cloth


Printsoon Automatic Blanket Wash Cloth is created by our advanced spunlace technology which made from superabsorbent wood pulp fibers and polyester fibers, and is professionally applied to the automatic cleaning system of the printing industry.

The automatic blanket wash cloth has the characteristics of high liquid absorption, low lint, high strength and solvent resistance, which makes it can quickly and thoroughly remove ink and solvents from the blanket without leaving residues. High strength means that it will not deform under the stretching of the device. Those features can meet all the requirements of the printing industry for cleaning products.

We not only can customize the jumbo rolls or master rolls with various width, which are suitable for different brands such as Heidelberg, Komori and KBA, but also can process small rolls with different lengths like 8 m, 13 m, etc., to meet different printing machine’s needs.