Application fields of flushable spunlace nonwoven fabric materials


flushable non-woven fabric is an innovation of traditional spunlace non-woven fabric, which has more significant ecological and environmental protection characteristics. With the gradual development of social economy and the comprehensive deepening of the concept of ecological environmental protection, the application scope of flushable cleaning products is also continuously expanding, and it has a very excellent market application prospect.

Flushable wipes and flushable toilet wet wipes

It has basically the same comfort as traditional wipes, but its wet strength is high, and it does not affect normal use even in the wet state. However, traditional toilet paper is mostly made of pure wood pulp fiber, and there is no physical entanglement between different fibers. The main factor affecting strength lies in the hydrogen bond between fiber molecules, which will be damaged after contact with water. Can seriously affect the strength of toilet paper. Flushable wipes can be used in the wet state, both comfort and hygiene are higher than ordinary paper towels, especially in the process of wiping hospital patients and infants have been widely used, has a very broad application prospect.Flushable Wet Wipes Nonwoven Fabric - (soonercleaning.com)

Flushable sanitary napkins
The disposal process for standard period care products is complex, but once they are flushable, the broken pads will reach the water treatment center under the force of the toilet flush, after passing through the drainage system, and then break down into plant fibers and biodegradable materials, so that they can safely pass through the screen and be converted into biogas and fertilizer, thus achieving a recyclable product life cycle. And does not leave permanent waste, such as microplastics, chemicals, etc.

According to statistics, 56 per cent of period products end up in landfill in the UK, and the disposal of single-use hygiene products generates 200,000 tonnes of waste a year, which can take up to 500 years to degrade; 30% of menstrual products are washed away, creating an estimated 3.4 tonnes of microplastic, most of which ends up in waterways; The remaining 14% is burned in incinerators, causing air pollution.
Flushable sanitary pads made from cellulose ensure they do not clog the sewer system. At present, some enterprises have developed flushable sanitary napkins.

Flushable baby diapers and flushable adult incontinence products
In terms of sustainability, innovation in the field of baby diapers has been fully developed in the last decade.
Consumers of absorbent hygiene products have more options than ever before, with products containing not only plant-based fibers, but also natural biodegradable fibers such as cotton, rayon, hemp, and bamboo fiber viscose. This trend is even more prominent in incontinence products. The growing selection of baby diapers, period care, and adult incontinence care products, with new brands being launched every year, continues to redefine the field of absorbency hygiene products.
Flushable baby diapers and flushable adult incontinence products have shown excellent performance in use, especially the absorption capacity and speed before leakage, air permeability and heat dissipation performance of diapers.

The use of nonwovens continues to see strong momentum in 2024, as consumers continue to rely on convenient baby diapers, feminine care products, and multiple forms of wipes. The flushable wipes market is also expanding.
Creating a circular economic development model for disposable hygiene products is still an important topic in the nonwovens industry. Whether it's creating single-use product recycling systems, developing products that use more environmentally friendly materials, or creating treatment systems that help products biodegrade, manufacturers are looking into how to dispose of single-use products to provide solutions.

Environmental protection is more than just a slogan. Many brands have begun to pay attention to the sustainability of their products and launched renewable and environmentally friendly products. Soonercleaning's flushable nonwoven products are truly "green and healthy" and are the only choice for you to explore the flushable market.Flushable Nonwoven Fabric - (soonercleaning.com)