The characteristics of flushable spunlaced non-woven fabric


The European plastic limit order aims to significantly reduce the amount of single-use plastics (SUP) entering European landfills and oceans, which has become a hot issue of close attention in the non-woven fabric industry. In order to avoid the negative impact of littering on the environment and provide convenience to consumers, Soonercleaning can launch a flushable spunspunlaced non-woven fabric in an effort to provide more plastic-free solutions for wipes manufacturers. Soonercleaning's flushable spunlaced non-woven fabric has the following characteristics than ordinary spunlaced non-woven fabric:


Soonercleaning's flushable spunlaced non-woven fabric can be dispersed away in water, and can be directly thrown into the toilet after use. Under hydraulic action, it can be quickly decomposed, will not cause blockage to the sewer, and avoid the breeding of bacteria in the bathroom trash can.


Soonercleaning non-woven fabric is made of 100% plant fiber as raw material and is made by wet spunlace production line. Compared to petroleum-based materials, it is able to avoid creating microplastic problems, further reducing the negative impact on the environment.

High strength

Soonercleaning has achieved a good balance between fludhablity and strength. Under the premise of ensuring flushable, its strength is far beyond the requirements of EDANA and GD4, ensuring the strength when used, lint is free, not easy to break, and can achieve fast dispersion.

Lower cost

Under the same gsm, Soonercleaning can be dispersed non-woven fabric thicker, better quality. In the production process, the stain detector used by us can monitor the stain of about 1mm, and the stain of the 100-meter-long washed and dispersed non-woven fabric is controlled under 3. For wipes manufacturers in a highly competitive market, our flushable spunlace non-woven fabric is a cost-effective choice.


Soonercleaning can be customized according to customer requirements of different patterns and specifications, as an OEM factory, we can provide you with personalized customization functions, and provide you with quality service throughout the process, please see detailshttp://www.soonercleaning.com/flushable-nonwoven-fabric.html

Eco-friendliness and convenience have become key purchasing criteria for consumers. The material used in the production of wipes is completely plastic-free, flushable and biodegradable, which is not a feature of traditional wipes, and wet toilet paper is now a part of People's Daily life. Whether it is made from biodegradable materials is very important, and we are seeing a growing demand for flushable materials. Large retailers and wipes manufacturers are now taking on more social responsibility and catering to the needs of the market, and Soonercleaning's technology and products can help you do just that!