Why choose Soonercleaning for custom disposable multi-purpose janitorial/food service nonwoven wipes?


In modern households and food service industries, hygiene and efficiency are crucial considerations. As a leading OEM company specializing in the customization of disposable multi-purpose nonwoven wipes, Soonercleaning provides customers with a range of high-quality products, such as janitorial wipes, kitchen wipes, panos multiuso, panos de limpeza, foodservice cleaning towels, soaker pad, food processing industry Wipers, etc., to meet various cleaning and hygiene needs.


Soonercleaning's disposable multi-purpose nonwoven wipes are widely used in many fields, including but not limited to:

Janitorial cleaning:J-cloths series products are used to clean kitchens, bathrooms, furniture and other home environments. They can be used with detergents to effectively remove dirt and grease.

Food service:Foodservice wipes are suitable for restaurants, hotels, fast food restaurants, butcher shops and other places to clean tabletops, kitchen utensils and food packaging to maintain environmental hygiene.

Food Industry:Food Processing Industry Wipes are suitable for food packaging, machine cleaning, and improving production efficiency during food production.

These spunlace nonwoven wipes are reasonably designed and easy to operate, which can effectively improve work efficiency and cleaning quality.


Compared with traditional cleaning wipes, Soonercleaning's disposable multifunctional nonwoven wipes have obvious advantages:

Hygiene guarantee: Disposable design and color-coded products avoid the cross-contamination problem that may exist in traditional nonwoven wipes. Products of different colors help to distinguish different usage scenarios, which are particularly suitable for the hygiene requirements of food contact sites.

Efficient cleaning: Made of high-quality spunlace nonwoven fabric materials, it has excellent water and oil absorption, and can quickly and thoroughly clean the surface.

Convenient to use: No frequent cleaning and disinfection is required, which reduces labor costs and time costs and improves operating efficiency.

Environmentally friendly choice: If biodegradable materials are selected, it will help reduce the impact on the environment and conform to the concept of sustainable development.

These advantages make Soonercleaning's spunlace nonwoven wipes an indispensable cleaning tool for modern families and the food service industry.


These advantages ensure the reliability and competitiveness of Soonercleaning's products in the market:

Raw material selection: spunlace nonwoven uses fiber materials with good tensile strength and durability, does not use glue or chemical adhesives, has a smooth structure and soft touch.

Production process: Soonercleaning uses advanced spunlace production technology to ensure that the spunlace nonwoven structure is stable and has excellent water and oil absorption properties. In addition, Soonercleaning's No. 2 production line uses unique carding fiber technology and printing and dyeing technology to ensure product performance while reducing production costs, making spunlace printed and dyed nonwovens have extremely competitive prices, helping to reduce customer procurement costs to win a larger user market.

Strict quality inspection: Implement strict quality control standards to ensure that each batch of products meets relevant health safety and performance requirements.

Soonercleaning pays attention to every detail of spunlace nonwovens, ensuring that high standards are met from raw material selection to production process and quality inspection.


Flexibility and customized services enable customers to choose the most suitable product configuration according to actual needs:

Packaging form: single-piece packaging, continuous roll packaging, folding packaging and other forms, which are convenient for storage and distribution in different usage scenarios.

Size and color selection: Different sizes, gsm, colors, patterns, etc. can be customized according to customer needs to provide personalized choices.

Soonercleaning provides a variety of customized options for multi-functional wipes to meet the needs of different customers.


Soonercleaning not only focuses on product quality, but also is committed to providing comprehensive after-sales service:

Technical support: We provide timely technical consultation and support to help customers solve problems encountered in use.

Customer service: Soonercleaning has established a complete customer service system to ensure that customer feedback is responded to and resolved in a timely manner.

Continuous improvement: Soonercleaning constantly listens to customer feedback, continuously improves products and services, and ensures that the needs of the market and customers are met.


Choose Soonercleaning, we not only provide high-quality products, but also meet the personalized needs of customers, and through a complete after-sales service system, bring your company a comprehensive use experience and excellent cleaning solutions. Whether it is home cleaning or sanitation management in the food service industry, Soonercleaning is your reliable partner.