Responding to rising shipping costs: Soonercleaning measures to protect customer interests


Recently, the global shipping market has faced multiple pressures, resulting in a sharp rise in transportation costs. These factors include:

1. Supply and demand imbalance: The recovery of global trade has led to an increase in China's demand for cargo transportation, while shipping capacity is insufficient.
2. Bottlenecks in ports and transportation networks: Port congestion, poor transportation networks and other issues have exacerbated the difficulties and costs of cargo transportation. Some transit ports have low operating efficiency, and a considerable number of containers have been left there. At the same time, some containers are approaching their service life and will not be put back into the market.
3. Affected by the situation in the Red Sea, after the fleet detoured the Cape of Good Hope, the sea voyage time will be about two weeks longer, and the scheduling of ships and the turnover of capacity are facing new challenges.
4. Shipping companies collectively raised prices, and some long-term contracts entered a critical period. Shipping companies reduced shifts and reduced capacity investment, and the effectiveness of various additional charges are all raising shipping prices.

As a spunlace nonwovens manufacturer serving more than 500 customers around the world, Soonercleaning is actively responding to this situation to protect the interests of customers. Here are our efforts to this end:

1. Diversify the supply chain: Reduce dependence on a single supply chain, find and develop multiple supply chain routes, so that more economical options can be selected when prices on certain transportation routes soar. At the same time, find alternative modes of transportation, consider other modes of transportation such as rail, land, air, and multimodal transport, especially for near-sea transportation routes, and choose the most economical and efficient mode of transportation according to actual conditions to reduce transportation costs and risks.
2. Optimize cargo loading and packaging: Maximize the utilization rate of containers, reduce space waste, and seek effective cost control and efficiency improvement in production, packaging, shipping and other links to cope with the pressure of rising logistics costs and reduce the transportation cost per unit of goods.
3. Forecast demand and inventory management:Through accurate demand forecasting and inventory management, avoid inventory backlogs and additional transportation and storage costs caused by logistics delays.
4. Reasonable negotiation and contract management:Maintain close communication with shipping companies, understand market price changes, and strive for more stable transportation costs and services through long-term contracts or negotiations.
5. Customer communication and transparency: Maintain close communication with customers, share information on market changes and transportation costs in a timely manner, ensure that customers have a clear understanding of market dynamics, and jointly explore response strategies.
6. Policy and risk management: Pay attention to changes in international trade policies, adjust strategies in a timely manner, avoid additional costs and risks caused by policy adjustments, and protect customers from the negative impact of external environmental fluctuations.
7. Application of technology and data: Use logistics technology and data analysis to optimize the visibility and efficiency of the supply chain and reduce transportation costs and risks.

Against the backdrop of global economic turmoil and changes in the logistics environment, Soonercleaning will continue to focus on customer interests and protect customer interests from rising shipping costs through strategies such as diversified supply chains, reasonable negotiations, and optimized logistics management. We firmly believe that through these efforts, we can jointly meet challenges with our customers in the fiercely competitive market, make continuous progress, and become the most solid spunlace nonwovens supply backing for our customers!