Disposable Facial Towel


Disposable Facial Towels are disposable cleaning products.Their raw materials are spunlace nonwoven fabrics which are made of cotton fibers. They have the advantages of soft, tough and low-linting. In addition, they are multiprupose and can be used in face washing, face wiping, makeup removing, scrubbing and so on. They can provide the great hygienic and cleaning effects.

Disposable Facial Towels are made of cotton materials, which have the characteristics of excellent absorption, high strength, low lint and good elasticity. They are better than traditional towels. The bathroom is damp and dark which make these traditional towels are easy to breed bacteria, mites and cause skin allergies and acne when people use them for a long time.  Disposable Facial Towels are disposable , soft, skin-friendly and convenientAnd high temperature sterilization process and  no chemical addition make them safe and hygienic.

Main Categories

Dot Pattern: Soft and bumpy hand feeling , more comfortable, enjoy the light care massage.

Suitable Skin Types: most skins

Mesh Type: Softer mesh with good cleansing ability.

Suitable Skin Types: oily and acne-prone skin

Plain Type: Reduce friction when wiping and avoid skin redness.

Suitable Skin Type: Sensitive skin of infants and young children


1. Face Washing: Wiping the whole face after getting wet.

2. Face Wiping: Dry your face after cleansing.

3. Make-up removeing: Cut to a suitable size and can be used as a cotton pad.

★ Do not throw it away directly after using it. It can be recycled such as wash it up and use it to wipe the dressing tables, refrigerators, shoes, bags, etc.