Automatic blanket wash cloth


The Automatic blanket wash cloth is applied to the automatic cleaning system of the printing machine drum. The advanced spunlace technology of soonercleaning is adopted. The raw materials are imported from Canada and high quality wood pulp from Canada and China SINOPEC polyester. The dust-free and durable performance of this wipe meets the special requirements of the printing house and removes the ink and solvent from the rubber tube of the offset press.

Blanket Wash Cloth for automatic press cleaning systems, manufacturered by Beijing Soonercleaning Technology Co., Ltd. We can produce blanket wash cloth jumbo rolls-500meters in length, made in standard widths to suit press model. Available for presses: Heidelberg, Man Roland, KBA, Planeta, Komori ect Also can be used as mini/cassette rolls for popular press like Heidelberg and Komori, ranging from 6,8,11 meter length, 12-25rolls per box.

Available for most of the popular models and available for customizing.

Product features

1、High efficient of water and oil absorption capacity.

2、Lint-Free and no scratch to rubber blankets.

3Removal inks and solvents from the blanket quickly and completely.

4Made of high-quality woodpulp & polyester spunlaced nonwovens, Incredibly strong wet strength.

5Cutting downtime, meanwhile, optimize product effectiveness and product quality.