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Flushable wipes
Flushable wipes

Medisoon® Flushable wipes -- Fast to break up and care your health

Medisoon® Flushable wipes uses a fully biodegradable green spunlace material independently developed by Soonercleaning. Utilizing the irregular form of natural plant fiber to form spun-lace nonwoven with necessary strength. To ensure the high quality and cleanness of the products. Besides, it is combined specialty cellulose fibers which will be expanded after absorbing water. It has better segregation degrees than ordinary cellulose fiber and can disperse in certain hydraulic shock.

Composition: Secrecy Workable width: 10-185cm
Color: white Weight range: 45-60gsm
Application: 1. Adult moist toilet tissue
2. Toddler toilet care wipes
3. Feminine hygiene wipes
4. Adult incontinence wipes
5. Bath/bathing wipes
1. Low-linting
2. Better segregation degrees
3. Good wet Tensile Strength and dry strength
4. Highly absorbent
5. Soft and supple
6. 100% biodegradable
7. No binders,chemicals or adhesives
8. Flushable, sewer and civil drainage system safe
9. Completely degradable, compatible with the wastewater treatment system
10. Good dispersibility, and can be degrade completely within 15 days in the anaerobic sewage
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