Committed to defeat the epidemic in unity


Committed to defeat the epidemic in unity.

As the epidemic of new corona virus is developing, demand for protective equipment such as protective facial mask, disinfectant is increasing, because not only medical care personnel need to use it, but also everybody. Currently there is a shortage of these protective equipment.

Seeing this situation, General Manager of Beijing Soonercleaning Company - Mr. Ma had bought 6000 pieces protective facial masks from abroad specially for the epidemic, and had donated to Beijing Dongcheng District Government on Feb. 17th, 2020. “At present, situation of epidemic prevention and control is severe, shortage of protective equipment is serious. As a part of society, donating these masks to front line medical workers is just trying my best to make some contributions, this is the social responsibility that one enterprise should fulfill.”Mr. Ma stated.

Wish we can defeat the epidemic as soon as possible through everyone’s effort!