Biodegradable Spunlace Nonwoven


Viscose Nonwoven Material

Viscose fiber is a kind of man-made fiber. It is a cellulose fiber produced from natural fiber. It has the characteristics of high absorption, smooth, breathable, anti-static and can dye very bright colors. After being made into the nonwoven by spunlace technical, the fabric is soft and skin-friendly, which makes it the preferring material for wet wipes. It is mainly used in sanitary care fields such as wet wipes and disposable face towels. The main patterns are plain, mesh, dot embossed, etc. and other patterns also can be customized.

Cotton Nonwoven Material

Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, the main component is cellulose. Because of the presence of many hydrophilic genes on the cellulose macromolecule, cotton fiber has a lot of advantages such as acid and alkali resistant, heat resistant, hygienic, etc. The cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric is designed to provide superior softness and sustainability when cleaning, suitable for sensitive skin. It is widely used in wet wipes, beauty facial mask, disposable face towels, etc.

Woodpulp & Viscose Nonwoven Material

Woodpulp & Viscose Spunlace Nonwoven is a new innovation which is made of mix spunlace & wet laid technology. It is made of 100% plant fibers, more absorbent than standard viscose/polyester blends, and its strength level is comparable to cotton. It is an economical and cost-effective material suitable for biodegradable – both dry nonwoven and finished wet wipes.

Lyocell Nonwoven Material

Lyocell consists of cellulose fiber and it’s a form of rayon, however, the production of lyocell is no chemical reaction and all solvents used in production is non-toxic. This product is extremely stronger both in dry and wet conditions and the intensity contrast between dry and wet is 1:1.85. Pure natural fiber and pollution-free manufacturing process, Lyocell fully cater to the needs of modern consumers to protect environment, which also be called the green fiber of the 21st century.

Bamboo Fiber Nonwoven Material

Bamboo fiber is a cellulose fiber extracted from bamboo. It is antibacterial, anti-mites, deodorant and anti-ultraviolet. Bamboo fiber is a porous fiber, and its cross-section is covered with large and small oval pores. This special structure determines that it can absorb and evaporate a large amount of water in an instant, making industry experts call it the "breathable fiber". The bamboo spunlace nonwoven is fluffy, light, soft, skin-friendly and good drape, giving people a zero-pressure comfort.

Cupra Nonwoven Material

Cupra is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber. The cross-section of the fiber is round, no skin-core structure, monofilament is relatively thin and can withstand high stretching. The spunlace nonwoven fabric made of cupra fiber has a soft touch, soft luster and silky feel. The dry strength of cupra in dry is close to viscose but in wet is higher than viscose and the abrasion resistance is also better than viscose. Because of its characteristic, it’s ideal for beauty facial mask, wet wipes, disposable face towel, etc.

Flushable Nonwoven Material

Flushable nonwoven is made of exclusively cellulose, the developed production process uses neither binding agents nor bicomponent fibers, for this reason, the fabric quickly disperse in water and is completely biodegradable. It is a synonym of green and environmental protection, and it is also a highly anticipated product. This material is mainly used for wet wipes, including toilet wet wipes, infant hygiene wet wipes and female wet wipes.