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Tencel face mask sheet
Tencel face mask sheet
Tencel face mask sheet

What is tencel face mask sheet?

Tencel fiber is a kind of cellulose fiber, It derived from wood, could be continually generated, Made wood into wood pulp, Adopt spinning technology, Dissolve wood pulp in ammonia oxygen solution with non-poison and no pollution to spin under the condition of physics. It is the solvent could be used recycling and recycle rate beyond 99 percent. Meanwhile, There is no any pollution to environment as this material could be degraded. So, it is the best sheet masks and always be called as "Green fiber of 21st century" and have got international green environmental certificate.


1. 0.01mm clear and invisible, combining comfortable cotton and soft silk, you can feel natural transparent and friendly when apply it on skin.

2. Tencel facel mask sheet can bear 15 times essence comparing to its weight. Thus, It could supply abundant essence to skin.

3. There have 80000 unit micro hole for every tencel beauty face mask, they permeate essence into depth of skin.

4. Tencel facel mask sheet derived fiber from wood, they are very pure, gentle and no stimulation to skin.

5. Wet strength of tencel is superior to cotton fiber, So, it could adopt all kinds of face shape with gentle feeling.

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