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Spunlace Embossed woodpulp/PP
Spunlace Embossed woodpulp/PP

Soonerclean® Embossed woodpulp/PP -- is versatile in toughest jobs or heavy-duty industry jobs

Choosing this Soonerclean® Embossed woodpulp/PP cleaning wipe ensures not only a superior clean, but also durability. That means Embossed spunlace spunlace nonwoven outlasts any paper-based wipe. It is engineered with the advanced spunlaced technology, and made of Canadian imported high quality woodpulp and brand new polypropylene.

Ideal for toughest jobs or heavy-duty industry jobs, from drying hands to cleaning machinery or wiping surfaces, it brings new value to those tough jobs. Embossed spunlace non woven fabric can be used in combination with water, detergents, or solvents without facing deterioration in performance.

Composition: Wood pulp & polypropylene Workable width: 10-210cm
Color: White, blue, red Weight range: 40-125gsm
Application: 1. Production line maintenance
2. Machinery parts/equipment oil remove
3. Solvent wiping
4. Cleaning rough surfaces
5. Wiping metal shavings
6. Heavy-duty machine & part wiping
7. Heavy-maintenance wiping
8. Prepping surfaces with solvents
1. Low-linting
2. Hexagonal embossed design provides strong dust holding ability
3. High tensile strength
4. High efficient decontamination
5. Excellent water absorption and oil absorption performance
6. No binders or glues
7. Solvent-resistant
8. Soft-touch
9. Reusable in limited frequency
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