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Printed woodpulp/PET
Printed woodpulp/PET

Soonerclean® Printed woodpulp/PET -- The original and most recognised cleaning wipe

Soonerclean® Printed woodpulp/PET cleaning wipe has been the market leading disposable foodservice cloth. Wipes are strong, durable and very absorbent, absorbing 6 times of its weight in liquid, and they are perfect for soaking up big spills. It is constructed with a unique, open, wavy texture that enables efficient pick up of all types of dirt particles. Easy to rinse, fast drying, lightweight – disposable wipe remains clean and fresher for longer.

Composition: wood pulp & polyester Workable width: 10-310cm
Color: white Weight range: 30-120gsm
Application: 1. Foodservice production line maintenance
2. General cleaning foodservice
3. Machine washing
4. Soaking in sanitizer solutions for extended use
5. Cleaning surfaces & tools
6. Picking up spills
7. Food and beverage industry
8. Food preparation and service industries require
1. Low-linting
2. Wave line printed pattern and color can reduce the risk of cross-contamination
3. Strong enough to be resuable multiple times
4. Great for cleaning and use with a sanitizing agent
5. Absorbs six times its weight in liquid
6. Soft and supple
7. Color fastness
8. No binders,chemicals or adhesives
9. Soak up big spills fast
10. Faster food pickup
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