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Printed nonwoven fabric
Printed Viscose & PET Cleaning Material
Printed Viscose & PET Cleaning Material
Printed Viscose & PET Cleaning Material
Soonerclean® Printed nonwoven fabric -- color-code reduces the risk of cross-contamination
Soonerclean® Printed nonwoven fabric is constructed with a unique, open texture, made of Austrian imported lenzing viscose and SINOPEC polyester.The printed Viscose & PET Cleaning Material is being designed with the feature of high strength, oil & water absorbent, quick drying and anti-bacterial, color coded. Good at reduce the risk of bacterial growth and cross contamination. This all-purpose clean material widely applicated in food prepared & processing process like kitchen, restaurant, hotel, super market scenarios, etc. There are many printed patterns, including wavy, cross, diamond, diagonal, check and leaf, that enables efficiently pick up of all types dirt particles. Different color can reduce the risk of cross-contamination in various function areas. The fabric is easy to rinse, fast drying, light weight which remain clean and fresh for longer time, and can be disposed after use. It's (disposable cleaning cloths) being widely used in kitchen, especially in cooking and cleaning. It can easily remove greasy dirt.
Composition:               Viscose & PET Workable width:           10cm-320cm               
Color: Blue, green, orange, yellow, red, etc          Weight range: 35gsm-90gsm
Application: 1. Kitchen  wipes
2. Catering
3. Hotel
4. Restaurant
5. Foods Processing Industry
6. Home
7. Office
8. Toilet
9. Studio

1. Low-linting

2. Different printed pattern and color can reduce the risk of cross-contamination

3. Strong enough to be resuable multiple times

4. Good performance of color fastness

5. Highly absorbent and quick drying

6. Soft and supple

7. Solvent-resistant

8. No binders,chemicals or adhesives

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