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Spunlace Plain woodpulp/PP
Spunlace Plain woodpulp/PP

Soonerclean® Plain woodpulp/PP -- provides the perfect solution for general purpose tasks

The Soonerclean® Plain woodpulp/PP cleaning wipe extends the strength benefits of the nonwoven fabric created by our advanced spunlaced technology into the equipment manufacturing factory. Made of Canadian imported high quality woodpulp and brand new polypropylene, this kind of industrial cleaning wipes has good performance for both liquids and oil cleaning job, can absorb 8 time of its own weight.

Specifically designed for light-duty tasks. Ideal for manufacturing, healthcare, production line maintenance, work self cleaning or general maintenance tasks etc.

Composition: Wood pulp & polypropylener Workable width: 10-210cm
Color: White, blue, red Weight range: 40-125gsm
Application: 1. General production line cleaning and maintenance
2. Work self cleaning
3. Transportation environments
4. Repair industry
5. Applying lubricants
6. Vehicle and equipment cleanups
7. Low-lint glass cleaning and wiping
8. Applying thinners & solvents
9. Cable lubricant removal
10. Adhesive cleaning
11. Removing grease & soil in tight areas
12. Cleaning surfaces & tools
13. Heavy-maintenance wiping
1. Low-linting
2. Versatile and economical
3. High tensile strength
4. Tough enough for face and hands clean
5. Absorbs more oil and water
6. No binders or adhesives, leaves no residue
7. Soft-touch
8. Cleans oil, grime and solvent with one wipe
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