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Spunlace Plain woodpulp/PET
Spunlace Plain woodpulp/PET

Soonerclean® Plain woodpulp/PET -- The ideal solution for critical environments

Soonerclean® Plain woodpulp/PET cleaning wipe is created by our advanced spunlaced technology, and made of Canadian imported high quality woodpulp and SINOPEC polyester. Critical environments require reliable cleaning solutions.

This kind of industrial cleaning wipes provide the ideal solution for use in critical production processes. These include semi-conductors, cleanroom and other environments where require absolute clean wipe - lint free and high absorption.

Composition: wood pulp & polyester Workable width: 10-210cm
Color: white Weight range: 40-85gsm
Application: 1. Cleanroom protection and maintenance
2. Polishing and cleaning relays, contacts and switches
3. Cleaning lab apparatus and sensitive equipment
4. Picking up spills
5. Electronics industry
6. Aviation
7. Manufacturing
8. Painting
9. Automotive
10. Machinery repair
1. Low extractable level and ion content
2. Efficient removal of water stains and oil
3. Durable and anti-static
4. Solvent-resistant
5. Superior absorbency
6. No binders, chemicals or adhesives
7. Exceptionally soft, do not produce any scratches on the cleaning surface
8. Mechanical stability
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