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Plain wood pulp fabrc
Plain Woodpulp & PET Cleaning Material
Plain Woodpulp & PET Cleaning Material
Plain Woodpulp & PET Cleaning Material

Soonerclean® Plain wood pulp fabrc -- Ideal Cleaning Cloth for critical environments

Soonerclean® Plain wood pulp fabrc is a high performance material designed for general surface cleaning. Created by our advanced spunlaced technology, and made of Canadian imported high quality woodpulp and SINOPEC polyester, it has exceptional mechanical strength and very low lint, mainly used for laboratory instrument wiping, electronics cleaning, car maintenance and polishing, worker’s hands drying, etc.Critical environments requires reliable cleaning solutions, which include semi-conductors, cleanroom and other environments. This kind of industrial cleaning wipes have good performance of low linting and super water absorbent, which can perfectely meet requirement of critical environment . 

Composition:                          wood pulp & PET                        Workable width:                    10cm-320cm                               
Color: white, blue,turquoise, green
Weight range: 35gsm-125gsm
Application: 1. Cleanroom protection and maintenance
2. Cleaning lab apparatus and sensitive equipment
3. Picking up spills
4. Electronics industry
5. Aviation & manufacturering industry
6. Auto detailing industry
7. Machinery repair
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