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PET spunlace fabric
PET spunlace fabric

Duratex TM PET spunlace fabric -- Short term for increased hygiene

Duratex TM PET spunlace cleaning wipe (floor wipes) is engineered with the advanced spunlaced technology. which forms from SINOPEC polyester without any binders, it has increased effectiveness, reduced time and lowered chemical consumption.

This house cleaning wipe uses advanced embossed technology that present different pattern. The fabric is constructed with a unique, open structure that enables efficient pick up all types dirt particles. And it is strong enough to use both sides. This floor wipes can clean various floor like: wood floor, tile floor, glass floor, Plastic floor and so on.

Composition: 100% polyester Workable width: 10-310cm
Color: white Weight range: 30-120gsm
Application: 1. Home
2. Office
3. public institution
4. Toilet
5. Studio
6. Hotel
7. Amusement building
8. Beauty parlor
9. Factory and hospital
10. Restaurant

1. Low-linting

2. Various embossed pattern keeps it from leaving any dirt or fiber lint behind

3. Excellent wet and dry strength

4. 100% polyester

5. Highly absorbent and quick drying

6. Hygienic - Cleans without scattering dust particles

7. Solvent-resistant

8. No binders,chemicals or adhesives

9. Both sides of the non-woven fabric sheet can be used

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