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100% pp Meltblown wipe absorbent oil/water
100% pp Meltblown  wipe absorbent oil/water

Soonerclean® Meltblown wipes-- For critical tasks and manufacturing environment

Soonerclean® Meltblown wipes is created by our advanced meltblown technology, and made of brand new polypropylene. soonerclean® meltblown wipers are ideal for tasks where precision an reliability are essential. It has good performance for both liquids and oil cleaning job, can absorb 8 time of its own weight. Polypropylene non woven fabric can be used in industry of heavy-oil environment, all kinds of printing ink leakage, and cooperation with solvent in surface treatment.

Composition: 100% polypropylene Workable width: 10-160cm
Color: white, blue Weight range: 35-90gsm
Application: 1. Furniture finishing
2. Engine assembly/repair
3. Pre-packaging wipe down
4. LCD panel assembly
5. Appliance assembly
6. Printing
7. Glass or window cleaning
8. Heavy-oil environment
1. Low-lint polypropylene construction
2. Bulrush, Square Mesh, Plum and Crowns Feet design for cleaning power
3. High strength even in wet
4. Perfect for use with grease and oils
5. Excellent water absorption and oil absorption performance - can absorb eight times of its weight rapidly
6. Acid-, base- and solvent-resistant
7. Soft-touch
8. Great for cleaning and prep on surfaces and parts
9. High efficient decontamination
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