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embossed spunlace nonwoven fabric
Viscose & PET Embossed Material
Soonerclean® Viscose & PET Embossed Material -- Short term for increased hygiene
Viscose & PET embossed spunlace nonwoven fabric made from high grade LENZING viscose and SINOPEC polyester with our advanced spunlace technology. It has a feature of soft, skin-friendly, excellent absorbency and moisture retention. Healthy and Eco-friendly character make it be the preferred wipe material.We have different pattern like plain, mesh, embossed available for your different request. Widely applicated in baby wipe, dispenser towel roll, makeup remover pads, medical gauze and wipe material, and industrial wipe.
Composition:               Viscose & PET                                      Workable width:           10cm-320cm                                             
Color: white Weight range: 35gsm-100gsm
Application: 1. Home
2. Office
3. Public institution
4. Toilet
5. Hotel
6. Amusement building
7. Beauty parlor
8. Studio
9. Restaurant
10. Factory
11. Hospital

1. Low-linting

2. Various embossed pattern keeps it from leaving any dirt or fiber lint behind

3. Excellent wet and dry strength

4. Highly absorbent and quick drying

5. Hygienic - Cleans without scattering dust particles

6. Solvent-resistant

7. No binders,chemicals or adhesives
8. Both sides of the non-woven fabric sheet can be used

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