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Creped woodpulp/PET
Creped woodpulp/PET

Soonerclean® Creped woodpulp/PET -- Specially designed to offer solutions for dust removal job

Soonerclean® Creped woodpulp/PET cleaning wipe is created by our advanced spunlace technology, and made of Canadian imported high quality woodpulp and SINOPEC polyester. From preparing surfaces for painting at an automotive manufacturer to cleaning. It is soft and leaves no unpleasant sticky residue on either your hands or the car body. For each application we offer the perfect solution!

Composition: wood pulp & polyester Workable width: 10-210cm
Color: White, blue, turquoise, green Weight range: 50-90gsm
Application: 1. Aviation
2. Manufacturing
3. Automotive refinishing industry
4. Machinery repair
5. Graphic arts
6. Auto detailing industry
7. Glass surfaces
1. Low-lint performance helps to minimize defects and contamination
2. Big Crepe and crep design for cleaning power
3. Durable and not easy to hook the metal parts and corners
4. Solvent-resistant
5. Higher absorbency rate
6. No binders, chemical residue or contaminants that can result in surface damage or rework
7. Soft-touch and low-linting
8. Exceptionally soft, do not produce any scratches on the cleaning surface
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