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Compressed mask paper
Compressed mask paper

Commery® Compressed mask paper can be customized by Non-woven fabrics, Pure cotton, Tencel, Black fiber and Bamboo fiber. Commery® compression mask paper need small amount of essence water, you can soak the entire mask paper and expand quickly in essence water, and release the water. So it helps the skin care cheap and convenient.

At the same time, the use of aseptic compression technology, through infrared high temperature treatment, the rapid expansion of water. Independent packing is easy to use, convenient and secure.

Packaging is divided into:
1. Bulk compression mask paper
2. Candy-packing compression mask paper
3. Jelly-packing compression mask paper
4. Aluminum compress mask paper

1. Independent packet: every grain is clean and sanitary
2. Aseptic compression technology: it can be used quickly when expanding in water
3. No addition: no alcohol, no chemicals, no fluorescent agents, no preservatives
4. DIY: homemade facial mask is more selective
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