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Automatic blanket wash cloth
Printing machine non woven wipe
Printing machine non woven wipe
Printing machine non woven wipe

Automatic blanket wash cloth - professional cleaning offset rubber tube

The Automatic blanket wash cloth is applied to the automatic cleaning system of the printing machine drum. The advanced spunlace technology of soonercleaning is adopted. The raw materials are imported from Canada and high quality wood pulp from Canada and China SINOPEC polyester. The dust-free and durable performance of this wipe meets the special requirements of the printing house and removes the ink and solvent from the rubber tube of the offset press.

Composition:                         wood pulp & PET                            Workable width:                              10cm-210m                          
Color: white, blue,turquoise Weight range: 40gsm-85gsm
Application: 1. Cleaning of gears, switches and other mechanical parts of the printing press
2. printing roller cleaning
3.the surface of the printing machine is clean


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