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Apertured woodpulp/PET
Apertured woodpulp/PET

Soonerclean® Apertured woodpulp/PET -- Supple yet strong apertured wiper

The unique construction of mesh provides excellent effective cleaning and is perfect for use on stainless steel, because of its strict application, raw materials are used with Canadian imported high quality woodpulp and SINOPEC polyester, You can choose formula freely. This cleanroom wipe features a unique open structure that captures the dust in the wipe and keeps it there.

Composition: wood pulp & polyester Workable width: 10-310cm
Color: white Weight range: 40-85gsm
Application: 1.Electronics industry
2. Aviation
3. Manufacturing
4. Painting
5. Automotive
6. Machinery repair
7. Polishing and cleaning relays, contacts and switches
8. Preparing surfaces and cleaning up spills
9. Crafted to stand up against the dirt, grease, and grime encountered
1. Low-linting
2. Mesh pattern design for cleaning power
3. Durable and anti-static
4. Solvent-resistant
5. Superior absorbency
6. No binders, chemicals or adhesives
7. Efficient removal of water stains and oil
8. Exceptionally soft, do not produce any scratches on the cleaning surface
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