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abrasive woodpulp nonwoven
Dual Textured Woodpulp & PP Cleaning Material
Dual Textured Woodpulp & PP Cleaning Material
Soonerclean® abrasive woodpulp nonwoven - Specially designed to offer cleaning solutions for hard surface
abrasive woodpulp nonwoven is composited of soft woodpulp together with strong spunbond fabric, but two side is different, one side is with scrubby and colorful texture and another side is absorbent, cloth-like. It’s ideal for kitchen counters, toilets and floors cleaning, hard surface cleaning, hand cleaning and sanitizing cleaning.
Composition:                    Woodpulp & PP                            Workable width:                             10cm-210cm                            
Color: blue, red, green, orange             
Weight range:                          35gsm-120gsm                   
Application: 1. Furniture finishing
2. Kitchen counters
3. Automotive refinishing industry
4. Machinery repair
5. Auto detailing industry
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