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Abrasive cloth
Abrasive cloth

Soonerclean® Abrasive cloth -- Supple and delicate wipe for polishing and critical tasks

Soonerclean® Abrasive cloth is created by our advanced meltblown technology, and made of 100% polypropylene. Abrasive cloth is a soft and durable meltblown wipe that works perfectly in critical environments, ensuring that no sensitive surfaces are scratched. Abrasive cloth works well in cooperation with most solvents and chemicals. The wipe's high absorbency makes it very efficient for removing excess polishing paste. This industrial cleaning wipe is great for cleaning hands, tools, machines, non-porous work surfaces.

Composition: 100% polypropylene Workable width: 10-210cm
Color: White, blue, turquoise, red Weight range: 50-120gsm
Application: 1. Furniture finishing
2. Engine assembly/repair
3. Pre-packaging wipe down
4. LCD panel assembly
5. Appliance assembly
6. Printing
7. Glass or window cleaning
1. Low-lint performance helps to minimize defects and contamination
2. Abrasive cloth design for dissolve stubbom dirt and grime efficiently
3. Tough on grime, easy on skin
4. Acid-, base- and solvent-resistant
5. Higher absorbency rate
6. No binders, chemicals or adhesives
7. Soft-touch
8. Perfect for use with grease and oils
9. Can be used with all modern, water-based and conventional solvent degreasers and silicone removers
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