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ENTAGNG spunlace fabric
ENTAGNG spunlace fabric

Soonerclean® ENTAGNG spunlace fabric -- New technology create cleaning room

Source of Idea: This wipes are mainly used for daily cleaning which dominated big quantity on spunlace market. However, viscose material cost is very unstable and keeps increase. So helping customers to save the cost and keep the price stable become great important. That’s why we developed the new material.

Soonerclean® ENTAGNG spunlace fabric is manufactured in a “spunlace” process, using needle-like jets of water to “entangle” fibers into one of the finest fabrics. Soonerclean® ENTAGNG spunlace fabric is also called house cleaning cloth, which is a tough, durable material that resists abrasion and solvents, contains no binders or glues and is highly absorbent in water, oil and solvents. The holes enable to easily pick up dirt and food particles. It mainly has 4 colors: yellow, pink, blue and green.

Composition: Viscose & polyester Workable width: 10-310cm

Blue, green, yellow, pink

Weight range: 50-150gsm
Application: 1. Home
2. Cafe
3. Hotel
4. Restaurant
5. Food processing
6. General cleaning foodservice
7. Machine washing
8. Cleaning surfaces & tools
9. Picking up spills


1.Saving Your Cost
   i) Saving at least 8% cost if comparing with 50%viscose material
   ii) Saving at least 15% cost if comparing with 70%viscose material

2. Absorbability better than 70%viscose
3. Colors not fade
4. Lint-free and soft
5. Strong enough to be resuable, can be washed 20times
6. The unique structure picks up dirt and food particles much easier
7. Convenient of color-coded cleaning to reduce the risk of cross-contamination in various function areas.
8. Easy to rinse, fast drying, light weight that can remain clean and fresher for longer and can be disposed after use