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Printed face mask sheet
Printed face mask sheet

What is Printed Face Mask Sheet?

Printed face mask sheet uses the material of PLB, which comes from generated plant totally. It is the material based on lactic acid that be made from starch. It is the fiber can be degraded. This kind of fiber didn't use petroleum chemical raw material, Soil and Natural micro-organisms in the sea could resolve the waste of it into carbon dioxide and water. So, There is no any pollution to environment.

The production process, using random tangles, looping, consolidation, so that the product is 1:1 strength, not easy deformation, but also can absorb the essence of the liquid, to promote the absorbing.


1. The material of PLA come from generated plant totally with non-poison and no pollution material. Soil and Natural micro-organisms in the sea could resolve the waste of it into carbon dioxide and water.

2. Comparing to common beauty face mask, PLA can absorb 2-3 times water than them with soft and breath feel. It effectively guarantee essence's absorption and releasing.

3. Drapability, strength of fiber is high, It is not easy to break after folded.


39 item security identification witness quality

Does not contain heavy metal
Does not contain Lead, mercury, arsenic, cobalt chromium, barium, beryllium, thallium, tellurium, cadmium, zinc, aluminum, zirconium, tin, nickel, silver, strontium, antimony and other heavy metals. Passing the national testing center of 19 kinds of heavy metal detection.

Does not contain harmful viruses
Does not contain mold and yeast, fecal coliforms, staphylococcus aureus, verdigris pseudomonas, Passing the national cleaning products quality supervision and inspection center test.

Do not contain methanol
Passing the test from testing center.

There is no sensitive source
Passing Sino-german joint test center tests.

Do not contain fluorescer
Passing the test from the national testing center.