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Bamboo charcoal face mask sheet
Bamboo charcoal face mask sheet

Bamboo Charcoal Face Mask Sheet PK Traditional Face Mask Sheet

Traditional face mask sheet, No matter Moisturizing or essence face mask sheet, They are all use cell activity to absorb nutrition passively, You need to gain Agility of cell so have access to skin, But traditional facial mask can't solve this problem.

The big difference between them is Microbolemeter infrared of Bamboo Charcoal could improve blood circulation, Thus, It have access to skin to vivify cell, Every cell could absorb fresh nutrition.


1. Release numbers of anion, neutralize kation which has became as for all kinds of pollution, to moisturize skin.

2. More than 10 abrading step to create soft bamboo charcoal fiber, It is extremely pasted on the skin.

3. Anion possess strongly adsorptivity, could clean skin deeply to beauty skin.

4. Made by pure botanical fiber, gently to skin.

5. Friendly to environment, health and biodegradation.


39 item security identification witness quality

Does not contain heavy metal
Does not contain Lead, mercury, arsenic, cobalt chromium, barium, beryllium, thallium, tellurium, cadmium, zinc, aluminum, zirconium, tin, nickel, silver, strontium, antimony and other heavy metals. Passing the national testing center of 19 kinds of heavy metal detection.

Does not contain harmful viruses
Does not contain mold and yeast, fecal coliforms, staphylococcus aureus, verdigris pseudomonas, Passing the national cleaning products quality supervision and inspection center test.

Do not contain methanol
Passing the test from testing center.

There is no sensitive source
Passing Sino-german joint test center tests.

Do not contain fluorescer
Passing the test from the national testing center.