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Bamboo fiber face mask sheet
Bamboo fiber face mask sheet

Bamboo Fiber——Derive from nature care

Bamboo fiber beauty face mask is a cellulose fiber which derive from natural bamboo. It has good breathability, Instantly absorption, excellent resistance and dyeing, etc. meanwhile, It also possess the natural effects of bamboo's antibacterial , bacteriostat , anti- mites, ultraviolet ray, So, It always has been praised as "Breathing Fiber".


1. It's absorption is 1.5 times bigger than cotton, and has good breathability, excellent resistance. long use time, unknotted, no hard and stick-slip.

2. An ideal substitute of cotton with nature, health. environment protecting, skin-friendly and skin care effect.

3. Release numbers of anion. It is a natural oxygen bar, feeling comfortable.

4. Unique antibacterial, bacteriostat and beauty function.

5. Anti-static and ultraviolet ray, skin-friendly and skin care effect.


39 item security identification witness quality

Does not contain heavy metal
Does not contain Lead, mercury, arsenic, cobalt chromium, barium, beryllium, thallium, tellurium, cadmium, zinc, aluminum, zirconium, tin, nickel, silver, strontium, antimony and other heavy metals. Passing the national testing center of 19 kinds of heavy metal detection.

Does not contain harmful viruses
Does not contain mold and yeast, fecal coliforms, staphylococcus aureus, verdigris pseudomonas, Passing the national cleaning products quality supervision and inspection center test.

Do not contain methanol
Passing the test from testing center.

There is no sensitive source
Passing Sino-german joint test center tests.

Do not contain fluorescer
Passing the test from the national testing center.