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Pure nature cotton face mask sheet
Pure nature cotton face mask sheet

What is Pure Nature Cotton Face Mask Sheet?

Pure cotton means that take natural cotton as raw material without any chemical matter. Very comfortable and no stimulation. Comparing to chemical fiber, It is more health and clean as cotton fiber no need to process, They are just natural fiber which be used to spin. They have good absorption, releasing ability to absorb fully cosmetic essence.


1. Friendly to skin, not heavy when paste it on face, make skin to breath.

2. Friendly to environment with low allergy, the process of producing is security. it can be quickly degrade after use.

3. Full absorption, natural construction of fiber could absorb sufficiently water, small hole could adjust the absorption and release of water to make sure superior water conduction.


39 item security identification witness quality

Does not contain heavy metal
Does not contain Lead, mercury, arsenic, cobalt chromium, barium, beryllium, thallium, tellurium, cadmium, zinc, aluminum, zirconium, tin, nickel, silver, strontium, antimony and other heavy metals. Passing the national testing center of 19 kinds of heavy metal detection.

Does not contain harmful viruses
Does not contain mold and yeast, fecal coliforms, staphylococcus aureus, verdigris pseudomonas, Passing the national cleaning products quality supervision and inspection center test.

Do not contain methanol
Passing the test from testing center.

There is no sensitive source
Passing Sino-german joint test center tests.

Do not contain fluorescer
Passing the test from the national testing center.